Emmanuelle Rybojad Collaborates with Real Estate Mogul Mohamed Hadid

Published on 3 October 2018

Young Artist and Real Estate Mogul Partner up for Art

A new artwork is born as the fruit of their heritage and friendship. The piece is based on Rybojad’s I SEE YOU concept (piece available by Eternity Gallery Miami). The Hamsa hand has been placed at the top of the “eye”, as a symbol of protection against negativity and evil. This piece has been a secret project and has brought the two talented creatives together. Emmanuelle Rybojad has generously shared her talent and imagination, while Mohamed Hadid has greatly contributed with his artistic flare and refined aesthetic.

Emanuelle Rybojad and Mohamed Hadid   Artwork Detail  

Loyal to the genre of kinetic art, she continues to explore and create movement through optical illusions. Viewer perception is altered; every time one takes a step within the artwork’s surrounding area, they can the reflection of the work multiplying and creating an infinite effect.  The artwork’s main materials are LED lights, mirrors and Plexiglas and colours are blue and white, amplifying the boldness of the hues through light.

Learn more about the artist and her works here.

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